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Membership Subscription

Murrysville Medic One is a non-profit community ambulance service (501(c)3). Medic One maintains a staff of career and volunteer personnel, who are highly trained in advanced life support care, and maintain the newest state-of-the art equipment to assist with the lift and death medical emergencies occurring each day in the community.

Why should I subscribe?

We don't plan our emergencies! They occur without warning to the young and old! Your paid subscription helps ensure that Murrysville Medic One will be there when you need emergency medical services. The cost of a fully equipped ambulance is over two hundred thousand dollars. It may cost hundreds of dollars to respond to your emergency with an ambulance to transport you, from your home or accident scene, to the hospital.

Does my insurance cover emergency ambulance services?

Not all insurance companies pay 100% of ambulance costs. If you are a member you will not be billed for costs other than those required by your insurance company, such as, your deductible. A member is not required to pay for the balance of the costs with can be significant. Co-pays for insurance carriers can range into the hundreds of dollars. 







Do I need insurance?

Insurance pays the major amount of the cost for emergency medical services.

So, yes, you need insurance coverage.

A subscription works in conjunction with your insurance to forgive co-pays, but the subscription is not medical insurance. 

Reciprocity Agreement

Medic One has a reciprocity agreement with neighboring ambulance services. If you are not in our service area and require emergency medical ambulance service just notify our dispatch center by calling 724-327-1222 or by dialing 911 and requesting Murrysville Medic One. If there is a reciprocity agreement with that service, your Medic One membership means that you will only be liable for fees your insurance carrier requires.

Are their other benefits?

Yes! Lift assistance is provided to members free of charge. "Lift Assistance" is defined as a fall in which you are not injured but cannot get up on your own. As a subscriber, our trained providers will get you back on your feet without a hefty bill. 

What if I don't subscribe?

Murrysville Medic One will still be there when you need us, but the cost to you may be significant because you will be responsible for the remainder of the bill not paid by insurance. 

One subscription covers all the family members in the household needing emergency medical services. Subscription Fees allow Medic One to purchase new equipment and ensure all staff has up-to-date training. 



EMERGENCY - 911                              DISPATCH - (724)  327-1222                              NON-EMERGENCY - (724)  327-3831

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