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Dive Team

The Murrysville Medic One Dive Team consists of 13 extremely dedicated divers and equally dedicated  support personnel, Divers are trained or progressing towards advanced open water and rescue diver, many senior divers have attained the rating of master scuba diver. Several team members have attained the level of master public safety diver and master underwater criminal investigators. Participation on the team is open to all employees and volunteers.


The Team operates multiple vehicles when activated. A 28 foot dive trailer which houses and transports operational equipment, personal equipment and responding personnel, boats, Squad 610 and 610-1.


Each diver is outfitted with their own personal dive and safety gear. The team maintains a large inventory of specialized equipment including trailer mounted and portable scene lighting, hard wired communication ropes, wireless underwater communication modules,​ face mask with communication capabilities, surface and underwater metal detectors, ice rescue equipment, contingency setups for diver rescue, harness, rope and rigging equipment, crime scene investigation and reporting equipment, rapid deployment cases,.

  • Assorted harness and rope rigging equipment

  • Equipment required to collect and document a complete crime scene report including range finder, compass’s, weather data collection, measuring and marking.

  • Rapid deployment case containing equipment to initiated an emergent  shore based rescue.

  • Surface drysuits, type III and type V PFDs, throw bags and rings

  • Boat to boat and boat to shore radio communications

  • Pressure washer and supplies  for decontamination of divers

  • Two Honda generators for scene power

  • Variety of lift bags for many situations including evidence/item recovery

  • Body recovery system used to provide dignity to victim and families as well as preserving evidence if required

  • Vehicle lift system for vehicle recovery

  • 1800 ft of lifesafety rope

  • Various search and marking ropes

  • Floating stokes basket

  • Various evidence containers to safely and properly collect evidence and maintain chain of custody

  • Pet recovery system for animal water rescues

  • Dive flags and markers for waterway marking

  • Oxygen, AED  and medical  equipment to address diver medical emergencies

  • Spare 80 cu ft air cylinders  and assorted “pony” secondary air cylinders

  • Diver weights


The Team trains year round in all conditions, training is held almost weekly , available for response 24/7. The Team can be activated for emergency response  by contacting Westmoreland 911 or contacting Murrysville Medic One (724)327-1222 for non -emergent matters.

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EMERGENCY - 911                              DISPATCH - (724)  327-1222                              NON-EMERGENCY - (724)  327-3831

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